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Jafo Wanted the Teachers Service Commission to Solve Teachers’ Challenges

Jafo Wanted the Teachers Service Commission to Solve Teachers’ Challenges

Minister of State The Presidency, Regional Administration and Local Government, Hon. Solomon Jafo has called on the Teachers’ Commission to resolve the challenges and complaints of teachers including salary adjustments after further advances along with other complaints to encourage teachers in fulfilling their responsibilities.

The statement was made in Dodoma on the appointment and oath of members of the Teachers Service Commission.

Hon. Jafo said the Commission would within a week work on long-standing grievances, including teachers delaying promotion and addressing appeals so that teachers could carry out their duties effectively.

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He emphasized that the Commission should work with the highest level of specialization in dealing with Employment and Registration, upgrading, improving the quality of educated teachers as well as overseeing the values ​​and discipline of teachers.

“Despite the difficult circumstances and challenges I would like to acknowledge that the Teachers Service Commission has done a great job since its inception in 2016 so go ahead and be the teacher’s ear and oversee the discipline of teachers to bring about better performance in their roles,” said the Hon. . Jafo.

In addition Hon. Jafo has called on the Commission to work on existing rules, guidelines and procedures to bring about accountability in the activities of teachers in the country.

In addition, Hon. Jafo has appealed to the Chairman of the Commission Prof. Willy Lazarus Apply to provide co-operation with its members to enable them to carry out performance activities in the quality required by the teachers they serve.

At the same time Hon. Jafo congratulates the President of the United Republic of Tanzania John Alcohol Magufuli for his vision of fighting the Corona epidemic by not hindering Tanzanians’ activities but wanting them to take advantage of the public to continue their productivity in pursuit of their income.

“I urge Tanzanians to continue to incarcerate themselves (to kill) in the second phase in order to improve their health and fight corana as this war does not choose weapons” emphasized Jafo.

And the Chairman of the Commission Prof. Willy Lazarus Komba expressing his gratitude said that they would be able to carry out their duties properly so that their caregivers can get the best care they can expect from them.

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“We are ready to start work to serve those we lead and achieve excellence in teacher activities around the country,” explained Prof. Ask.

Prof. Komba has called on members to provide adequate cooperation in carrying out their responsibilities more effectively.

Initially giving a warm welcome to the Secretary to the President’s Office, the Teachers Service Commission. Winfrida Rutaindurwa explained that since the Commission began to discharge its responsibilities in 2016, 11,581 teachers were employed, 14,507 were enrolled, 20,501 were certified in the workforce, 123,000 were promoted, 5,760 were retired after resumption and 20,316 teachers have been retired.

Follows President of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon. John Pombe Josedph Magufuli to appoint Dr. Willy Lazaro Mbuju Komba as the Chairman of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Minister of State and Regional Administration President Selemani Jafo has appointed amd to swear eight Teachers Service Commission members.

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