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Jafo Provide Instructions About Teaching During COVID-19

Jafo Provide Instructions About Teaching During COVID-19

The Minister of State, the Presidency, Regional Administration and Local Government (TAMISEMI) Selemani Jafo has asked the Tanzania Examinations Council (NECTA and the Tanzania Institute of Education (TET) to ensure the process of review of exams started in form six. all classes expected to conduct National examinations.

In addition, he has asked students to keep up with the lesson plans provided so that they do not miss the programs that are broadcast on radio, television and social networks.

Jafo made that statement while talking to reporters about the education system through television, radio and social networks.

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He wanted those taxonomists to look at the same reference system for other classes such as Forms 2, 4, 7th and 4th grades so that they also had the ability to answer their exams.

He said the Government through various stakeholders has provided such an important opportunity that should be considered by all people including parents, teachers and students themselves.

Jafo Provide Instructions About Teaching During COVID-19
Waziri Wa TAMISEMI Selemani Jafo

“I would like all students in Form Six who are now preparing for the return, to use this opportunity well to prepare for a new system that will be used from this year to test competencies different from the previous questions we ask,” said Jafo.


He added that “Students take advantage of this opportunity that is brought to you, stay focused, test your strengths so that your peers do not leave you behind when you return to school, read hard because we want to move towards a more prosperous nation.”

He wanted the teachers to use the opportunity to build their own strengths but to enable them to be more understanding so that when their students need help when they get stuck they know what is going on.

“Our teachers I know you cannot be perfect in all areas, in turn this is also an opportunity to build yourself up through the teachers in the program so that when you return to school you have added something new, but your student may call you unable to understand a specific area so it is easy to understand. , ”Said Jafo.

Minister Jafo said if the Minister in charge of primary, primary and secondary education is comforted to start the process and it is his belief that the gap in young people who are living in a house without any academic support is going to be closed.

“Parents give your child the opportunity to participate in all the sessions offered, it is possible the sessions continue. You have given your child another job doing that is not right, provide enough cooperation to make sure the children are reading and practicing all the skills provided by the teachers,” emphasized Jafo.

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Jafo named the media who are actively involved in this program of teaching programs through TV and Radio namely TBC, ZBC, Azam Tv, Channel Ten, Clouds Fm, Global Tv, Gel Tv and various Radio.

He also reminded all parents and students that the sessions will be broadcast via Youtube for repetition to create more awareness.

“Youtube networks that are broadcasting the sessions are for the Examinations Council – NECTA, Tanzania Institute of Education – TEA, Global Education Link – GEL, Global Tv, Azam Tv, ZBC TV and EATV” emphasized Jafo.

He congratulated all the private institutions partnering with the Government to ensure that their goal is fulfilled in this transitional period of Corona disease causing lung disease (COVID 19).

He referred to the institutions as agents of Universities of Global Education Link (GEL), UNESCO and the Institute for Education Solution.


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