Jafo Outraged By Who criticize “Force Account”


Minister Jafo is outraged by officials who criticize the use of “Force Account”

Hon. Selemani Jafo has expressed outrage at the action of some government officials to criticize / disregard the use of the ‘Force Account’ system on various issues including the purchase of equipment in Government buildings.

The situation was highlighted today in Dodoma when he visited and inspected the progress of the construction of the Uhuru Hospital project which is 99 percent complete with the remaining stages of completion.

Force Account

Minister Jafo’s annoyance came from the Regional Commissioner Dr. Binnilith Mahenge told him that the contractor from Suma JKT Company who are the implementers of the project explained that some of the equipment was delayed due to its high cost.


“You go to Suma JKT you find one million and four hundred thousand, you go to Don Bosco there one million and two hundred thousand but you go to the markets you find six and a half thousands and then you say the procurement procedures, this is not acceptable in practice and I instruct the Director to go and buy equipment at market cost” Jafo.

Minister Jafo has stated that he is annoyed by some people, including officials who criticize the Force Account system leaving the Site.

Minister Jafo clarified that Dr. Magufuli has built 487 health facilities under the Force Account system and that initially using the original contracts the buildings were built at a high cost.

Jafo Outraged WhoJafo criticize "Force Account"


“I beg you and my fellow leaders who are sitting in defiance of the Force Account system not to be given this. Do you not think in the past the 2 Billion building today is being built at a low price and then today people stand and say this system does not mean you know there are very strange people and maybe others do not know the real life of Tanzanians you have helped us the oldest schools have been renovated, ”said Minister Jafo.

Earlier, Dodoma Regional Commissioner, Dr. Mahenge informed the Minister that the project was to be completed but there is a challenge of some funds that have not yet been provided by the Treasury to purchase some equipment.

In addition, while briefing the Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa on the completion of the building on November 20 and issuing instructions, the Project Contractor from SumaJKT Central Zone Company, Girimu Kanansi said the project has been completed by 99 percent with some remaining some places to complete.




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