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Ilani ya Act Wazalendo 2020

Ilani Ya ACT Wazalendo 2020-2025 PDF Download Here

Ilani Ya ACT Wazalendo 2020-2025 PDF Download Here. ACT Wazalendo was founded in 2014 and is the fastest growing political party in the United Republic of Tanzania. The party fielded its first presidential candidate in the 2015 general election with Anna Mghwira and won 1 seat in the national assembly. The mission of the party is to create a free, prosperous and growing Tanzania founded on the values of freedom, accountability, transparency and responsibility.

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The vision of ACT Wazalendo is for Tanzania to realise its potential through:

  • Building a thriving, inclusive and growing economy that creates jobs.
  • Strong infrastructure that supports all sectors of a growing economy.
  • Access to quality education.
  • Universal access to quality health care.
  • Building an independent, professional police service that serves and protects all the people.
  • A people-centred union that is just and equitable founded on a people-centred Constitution.
  • Zero-tolerance for corruption.
  • The provision of decent social security to those vulnerable, destitute and without the means to get ahead.
  • Affordable and decent housing, accessible to all.
  • Universal access to clean water and sanitation.

Ilani ya Act Wazalendo 2020

What ACT Wazalendo Manifesto Stand For 2020-2025

Their mission is to bring about change that will develop Tanzania by creating a happy and dignified life for all Tanzanians. These changes will be achieved through an inclusive economy that creates jobs; better social services and universal access to the people; A coalition of people (non-Governmental), which is just and built on the basis of respect for human rights.


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