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IFM Join Instruction 2021/2022 PDF Download


IFM Join Instruction 2021/2022 PDF Download. This IFM join instruction 2021/2022 is applicable to students admitted to the following below Programmes

  • Basic Technician Certificate (NTA 4),
  • Ordinary Diploma (NTA 5 to 6),
  • Bachelor (NTA 7 to 8),
  • Postgraduate Diploma (None NTA) and
  • all Masters (NTA 9) programmes

The current IFM Join Instruction 2020/2021 tenable at any Campus of the Institute of Finance Management.

Every student admitted to a programme of study tenable at the Institute of Finance Management must carefully read, understand and abide to the instructions stated below. Failure to do so will not be accepted as an excuse for breach of part or any of the instructions, rules and regulations proclaimed by the Institute in the Prospectus or any other document.


The management of the Institute Of Finance Management has released the IFM Joining Instructions 2021/2022 pdf download for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Degree, Ph.D., Masters, Diploma, Certificate, Short Course and Non-Degree Programmes student the 2021/2022 academic year.

IFM Joining Instructions 2021/2022 PDF Download

The Institute Of Finance Management joining instructions contains exhaustive information like IFM courses offered, admission requirements, registration dates, application dates, application closing date, application fee, diary, handbook, brochure, curriculum, fee structure that will help you in your journey as a student.

Every student admitted to any program of study tenable at the Institute Of Finance Management must carefully read, understand and abide by the instructions stated.

All you need to know about the Institute Of Finance Management are published here on has obtained from the official website.


How To Download IFM Joining Instruction PDF

The Institute Of Finance Management joining instruction can be downloaded and printed or accessed online below in PDF at the official website.

Follow the link below to download IFM joining instructions 2021/2022 in Portable Document Format (.PDF).

Note: You will, however, need a device that is capable of opening PDF files to download/access the printable/offline version of IFM Joining Instruction to your Computer or Mobile Phone.

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What is IFM join Instruction 2021/2022?

Join Instruction simply is a document that includes very Important information for  students to understand to join with Institute of Finance Management (IFM)

Why IFM join Instruction 2021/2022?

For the Selected Applicants to join who confirmed and those automatically confirmed must have join Instruction so as to know the following below useful information:-

  • Fees and other contributions to pay using official payments methods Instructed by University
  • Location and means of transport to reach the campus
  • Specific date of starting academic year of study
  • It‚Äôs include Important form to fill so as to join with Universities. This include
    • IFM Medical Examination Form that must be filled with doctor.
    • Registration form is the form that you will use for registration when you reach at campus
    • Declaration form
  • ¬†Also there are special information that provide according to Program of study where some faculty have special requirements.

Where to get IFM join Instruction 2021/2022?

IFM Join Instruction provided by University on their website where you visit it search for current join Instruction that will have updated information.


Also we have official PDF file of IFM join Instructions that you can Downalod Here




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