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How To Start Blogging | Best Blogger

How To Start Blogging, Best Blogger, Blogger Platforms, Best Blogging Skills

How To Start Blogging. Blogging is the publishing of news and articles in internet through blogging platforms such as google blogger, WordPress, Wix and other more. In the world people involve in blogging as source of income, hobbies, need to educate people. If you are dreaming to be blogger read these things to start blogging:-

How To start Blogging 

1. Know Blogging Platforms;

This is very important to know to be best blogger since it will give choose to select best blogging platform according to your requirements. Here are the popular blogging platforms that you can use for blogging:-
  • WordPress
  • Constant Contact Website Builder
  • Gator
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Square
  • space
  • Wix
  • Ghost

2. Learn Boogging Skills.

Another thing must know if you need to be best blogger in the world is blogging skills that will give you creating best articles for your audiences that will use to visit frequently your blog. These blogging skills are must read how to write articles, tips for improving Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), how to customize your blog, how to choose best blogger themes.

3. Devices For Blogging.

However to be blogger you need to have tools that will be used for your activities these includes smartphone, laptop, desktop, camera for picture, internet access.

4. Creativity.

To be best blogger in the world you need to be creative in writing your ideas and creating new blog posts that will attract people to visit back in your blog. So must be creative in different angles like blog appearance, the way of writing posts, blog widget customizations.

5. Blog Advertising.

Also Must use money to advertise your blog in different areas especially Facebook and Instagram so as to increase popularity of your blog to the people. Best blogger can use money to made your brand to be bigger.
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