How to login SIPA HESLB Account (HESLB OLAMS)


SIPA HESLB Account. Student’s Individual Permanent Account (SIPA) is the personal account for the higher education loan application for the students who need to join various universities in Tanzania. The government of Tanzania use to provide loans to the students who admitted to join different universities so as they can handle costs and life in their education.

What are the things you can do in SIPA HESLB Account.?

The following below are the list of things can be performed in the SIPA account login:-

  • To apply loan
  • View your loan application status
  • View HESLB loan allocations status include an amount you will be paid
  • Also incase you have loan application error in this account you will be able to correct errors while you fill HESLB loan application form



How to login SIPA HESLB Account (HESLB OLAMS)

Here are the step to follow for login in your HESLB SIPA account

  • Using any browser in your phone, tablet, laptop or computer visit official webpage of ESLB’s Online Loan Application System (OLAMS) ==>> After reach the page you will see the following things in attached image below.
How to login SIPA HESLB Account (HESLB OLAMS)
OLAMS Homepage
  • Then click on” login for registered applicants” as shown by using red arrow in the attached image above where you will go to the next page that will require you to enter some of details so as you can login in the SIPA. These data are as follows:-
    • Form four index number i.e
    • Password. Tis is your password enter during the creating account
    • Security code. This is the code that appear below the login page. Must be written as it is.
  • After make sure you entered correctly all need information then click “login” button
How to login SIPA HESLB Account (HESLB OLAMS)
SIPA HESLB Account (OLAMS) Login Page
  • After click “login” button and successfully login in your HESLB SIPA account you will be able to see your dashboard and things you can do in account

Do you forget your SIPA HESLB Account password

It can happen you have forgotten your password here is how you can reset password

How to login SIPA HESLB Account (HESLB OLAMS)
OLAMS Forgot Password Page
  • Then you have to enter all required data so as the can send you password. Those data are:-
  • Your form four index number
  • Your Phone that will be used to send password or instructions
  • Type the shown security code as its appear
  • Then click “process” button

NOTE: All field with * symbol are compulsory to be filled with correct information.

For any Inquires HESLB Contacts

In case of enquires, contact us during work hours (0830 hrs – 1700hrs) through:
0736 66 55 33 (WhatsApp); 022 550 7910 (Calls from any network); [email protected].


For more information visit official webpage of Higher Education Student loan board




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