How to join propellerads? Account Registration Propellerads 2022/2023


How to join propellerads?  There are following requirements and Limitations:

  • Publisher’s blog should be content-based, not only a list of links or advertisements.
  • Publisher’s blogs should be fully functional at all levels; no “under construction” blogs or sections.
  • There is no minimum traffic requirement.
  • Blogs with adult content, cultural, political, racial, hate-mongering, extreme violence, or any disagreeable content or activity are not permitted to use Propeller Ads services.

Sign Up and Approval:

To sign up on propeller ads you have to fill up a small form which asks only for your email, website URL, also messenger Id. Once you fill up and submit your application after that you will get a verification letter in your mailbox where you have to follow a verification link to activate your account.


Once you activate your account after that you will get your log in ID in your mail that you can use to directly log in to your account. In your account you can submit your blog for approval and once your blog is approved after that you can start showing their ads to earn money. Generally they approve or disapprove any blogs within 24 hours of submission.

Ad Formats:

Propeller Ads Media offers many different ad formats for both mobile advertising and web advertising. It offers Banner Ads, Pop Under Ads and Direct Ads (Full Page Ads) for web advertising whereas it provides Dialogue Ads/Push Up Ads as well as Interstitial Ads for mobile advertising.

Stats Reporting System:


Propeller Ads Media provides one of the best reporting system, its reporting system shows clicks, earnings, impressions, CPM etc as well as also it provides an earning chart and tabular data to examine your blogs performance. In addition to that it provides some filters like blogs, type, channel(ad format), country, time period etc therefore that you can better examine your all and everything.

Minimum Payment:

Propeller Ads Media is an ad network for medium as well as large publishers as its minimum payment is high, which is 100$. Since it gives good rates so, medium as well as large publishers can easily reach this limit however if you are a small publisher and your blog converts well then you can give it an attempt.

Payment Regularity:


Propeller Ads Media pays its publishers on Net 30 Basis.

Payment Options:

Payment options offered by Propeller Ads are Payoneer, ePayments, EPESE, Wire as well as Webmoney.


Referral Program:

Propeller Ads Media gives a 5% referral commission program.

Thinking Of Join PropellerAds Media ?

Propeller Ads Details At A Quick Look:

Network Type: CPC, CPA,CPM, CPL
Ad Formats: Pop Under, Direct Ads, Banner Ads, Mobile Ads
Payment Frequency: Net 30
Payment Methods: Webmoney, Wire, EPESE, Payoneer, ePayments
Network Popularity: High
Alexa Rank: 6,416 (08/09/2015)
Google PageRank: 4/10 (08/09/2015)
  • No min. traffic required.
  • Blog should be content based.
  • Blog should not be under construction, it should be fully functional.
  • Blogs containing adult, racial, political, or any prohibited content or activity are not permitted.
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