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How to Increase Adsense CPC 2021 (2 Big Tips)

Are you blogger need make more money online using google Adsense, the good thing to know is the higher CPC the way you will make more money. You can ask yourself what is CPC, it’s an abbreviation of cost-per-click (CPC) that means amout of money advertiser pay to publisher when an ads clicked. So let see how to increase rate of your CPC and amke wonders on earnings.

How to Increase Adsense CPC 2021

The following below are 2 major tips to increase Adsense CPC 

1. Keywords.

What are the Keywords. Those are the words people use to find on Google Search and other major search engines, Thus must do research on the keywords that has higher CPC with low competition and use them in you blog you will increase rate of Adsense CPC. There several free Keywords research tools you can use to get those keywords include ubbersuggest 

2. Traffics 

This another major tips to drive traffic in you blog make working in the following below

  • Quality Traffics

Quality traffics means people who visit you site directly from search engines and not via direct link, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. So must working on search engine optimisation (SEO) to get those quality traffics. This also can help to boost your Earning since will increase rate of Adsense CPC

  • Specific Country Traffics 

This also can make you earn more with Google Adsense by raise CPC this because some countries advertisers offer large CPC for the advertisement. For instance when you get traffics in your blog from countries such as United States (US), Australia, Canada, South Africa is differ from other countries. 

In general above are major tips you can use to increase Adsense CPC and make more money online using Google Adsense, thus make sure you work on them

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