How To Fix An error occurred (code CertificatesService.Insert APP_ERROR).

How To Fix An error occurred (code CertificatesService.Insert APP_ERROR).

This is the error tha you can face when you want to make your website use https:// instead of http:// in blogger So here the way you can use to fix “An error occurred (code CertificatesService.Insert APP_ERROR).” as follows below:-

1. Try to change browser. To Fix such error so has you can host your website to use a security feature of https:// jn your blog try to use different browsers that can enable you to fix those problems

2. Start newly the configure of blog with your hosting or domain provider such as godaddy, wix, wordpress and other more companies in case you want to connect domain using blogger as host

3. Make sure that your custom domain is set properly.  Get back to blogger, go to settings and remove the third party domain totally. Your blog address will automatically switch back to and it will be running on https but if it’s not,  switch on by yourself.

Put back the custom domain and click save. Https available will process after a while refresh blogger page for sometime and it will switch back to https with your custom domain.

If you don’t understand or facing any problem kindy you are welcome to ask jn comment box below

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