How COVID-19 Affect Tanzania Economy

How COVID-19 Affect Tanzania Economy

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The COVID-19 crisis is having a devastating effect on all social and economic sectors In Tanzania . In a series of briefs, the Globlinfoz analyse how the pandemic is affecting the functioning of these sectors and how they are responding to alleviate its effects.

How COVID-19 Affect Tanzania Economy

The travel and tourism sector

The travel and tourism sector which prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, was expected to receive a lot of tourist in the country but due to this COVID-19 The Tourist postponed  their journey to Tanzania and this affect the economy of country in tourism  sector where by in  Tanzania Tourism is geographically concentrated in the Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions, which account for just over 9% of GDP

The impact on employment sector

This sector  has been particularly badly affected, we see private school are closed but many of their servants are not payed their salaries and other their salaries are reduced but also we see some industries reduce their workers in order to maintain their economy well Due to the severity of travel restrictions Many Sectors are affected especially In Airport Transportation where by many Airways company Postponed their route globally this affect direct these companies but also the people who depend on the people who work in this sector

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In Business sector:

a lot of business man affected especially those who depend on importation of their goods from outside countries due to travel restriction they failed to imports their goods

Agriculture and food security has also been badly affected.

In Tanzania we see rise of price of agricultural goods For example price of sugar rise from 2,500/= per kilogram up to 3,800-4,500/= per kilogram many people blame on the rapidly rise of the price of sugar, but not only sugar but also other products like rice, maize etc this rise up affect directly  the people especially the lower class people.

Recreation Sector

This is another sector where it affected by COVID-19 we see all wedding ceremonies, music events, sports events and other are postponed until further notice due to that all the people who depend on that activities like MC, Saloons, Musicians, DJS and other they have tender at this time which directly affect their life because they live by depending on this recreation activities to run their life and their family.

Truck Drivers;

We see this in all of borders  where by all the truck drives have restricted to enter in other countries Example;kasumolo border in Tunduma, Namanga Border at Arusha, Ngara Border at Kagera all truck drivers are not allowed to enter in other countries due to this COVID–19 We see a lot of the are blaming by living in hard conditions in those areas

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