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History Notes Form One PDF | Form 1 Notes

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Meaning and Importance of History
Background of the topic

History is an academic subject taught as part of a primary and secondary education. This chapter tackles the significance of history as a discipline in both primary and secondary levels. It gives the basics of history and lays a solidfoundation of this subject. It traces the different definitions of history, the importance of studying history as a subject as well as the different ways by which information that constitutes history is obtained.

The Meaning of History

Explain the meaning of History

Definitions of history

Various definitions have been put forward to define history as a discipline some of them are:

  • History is a record of events pertaining to human activities, his social, economic and political development from the past the present and the future.
  • History refers to the study of past events, present situation and prediction of the future or it is the study of changes in the process of material production.
  • History is defined as knowledge that entails chronologically presented narrations about human activities pertaining to social, economic, technological and political aspects from the past to the future.

In general history can also refer to an academic discipline which uses a narrative to examine and analyse the sequences of past events and objectively determine the patterns of cause and effect that determine them. It‟s the record of human activities which enable man to survival and attain essential needs from the environment.

History Notes Form One PDF | Form 1 Notes

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