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HESLB OLAS Photo Upload Guide User Manual

HESLB OLAS Photo Upload Guide User Manual
HESLB is about to roll out Digital Disbursement Solution (DiDiS) to continuing students who were not included in the pilot phase. All continuing beneficiaries are now advised to upload their passport size photos (in blue background) to allow HESLB finalise arrangements for them to use biometric devices and start receiving payments faster

HESLB OLAS Photo Upload Guide User Manual

First year and first-time continuing beneficiaries are not required to upload their photos because they uploaded during 2019/2020 application cycle. Kindly follow these key steps to upload your photo correctly:
1.0 Opening the System (
  • Click ‘Upload photo’
  • Menu to enter Form IV Index
  • Enter your Form Four Index #
  • Your name will pop up

2.0 Click button to register and to complete uploading your photo

Fill the blanks space pops for:
  • Registration Number (Namba ya usajili wako chuoni)
  • Phone Number (Namba ya simu)
  • New Password (Nywila Mpya)
  • Confirm Password (Thibitisha Nywila)
  • Then click register (Jisajili)
  • Click register button, successful registered message will pop up
3.0 Click here to log in to complete upload after successful registration
4.0 System will display blank space filled for:-
  • Form Four Index Number
  • Password (Nywila)
  • Retype text as it appears BELOW
5.0 On the left bar menu, system will display “Upload Photo” 
6.0 Choose Upload photo (Bonyeza ‘Upload photo’)
Choose file to upload with the following size (Hakikisha picha yako ina sifa zifuztazo):
  • Dimension :[150px Χ 120px]
  • Type :[.jpg or .png]
  • Maximum size :[1MB]
  • Click upload photo
  • Confirm your photo. (Once you confirm you can’t change your photo)
  • After confirmation the red color button will change into blue
  • Uploading photo complete.
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