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HESLB Did't Deduct Students Loans

HESLB Did’t Deduct Students Loans

HESLB Don’t Deduct Students Loans.

The Higher Education Student Loan Board (HESLB) has clarified that it provides loans to students based on study days for each academic quarter. Students Loans.

It has been reported that due to COVID19 the academic days for the fourth quarter of the 2019/20 academic term which is about 60 have been reduced for some colleges where some colleges have 45 days left for study.

It stressed that the students who sign will see in their documents that the funds have been reduced according to the study days they will have from August 01

In addition, the Board added that in order to inform the students on the issue, they are talking to the College because the information of the students studying including the results are provided by the relevant College

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Also, all changes in the College, including study days and loans, are discussed in the College Council where the Student Leaders are present, so if students do not have that information they should ask their Leaders

With regard to all fees being paid without deduction, the Board stated that study days have been reduced but the duration of lessons per day has increased and made teachers continue to teach at the same time as the days would not have been reduced.

Some students at various colleges complained of being deducted from the loan money (Boom) without being informed even though they had entered into an agreement with HESLB and also claimed that they had been deducted from ‘Boom’ but the fee has not been deducted.


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