HESLB Closing Of Loan Application Window 2020/2021

HESLB Closing Of Loan Application Window 2020/2021. We inform all stakeholders that today Thursday (September 10, 2020) at 00:00 East Africa Time the window for the receipt of loan applications for higher education students for the academic year 2020/2021 through the Internet, will be officially closed. After that time, new registrations for new applications will not be allowed.

HESLB Closing Of Loan Application Window 2020/2021

Time given to apply

  • The window closes after being open for 50 days, from July 21, this year and until 7:00 pm this afternoon (Thursday, September 10, 2020) a total of 92,947 applications were registered and received. Of these applications, 7,500 applications are in various stages of completion.
  • We call on these 7,500 loan applicants to complete the application by September 15, 2020 so that it can be included in the evaluation and analysis and finally the qualified ones will be granted loans and fulfill their dreams of higher education.
  • In addition, we would like to inform the loan applicants that after the closing of the window today, the ongoing work is the analysis and verification of such applications and by September 27, 2020, a list of applicants who must amend their applications will be posted on the HESLB website (www.heslb.go. tz).
HESLB Closing Of Loan Application Window 2020/2021
HESLB Closing Of Loan Application Window 2020/2021

Contribution of TPC and RITA

  • Considering that the loan application process involves various stakeholders, we have contacted the Tanzania Postal Corporation (TPC) to agree that they will continue to receive and send HESLB applications even after the system is closed.
  • In addition, the Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) is finalizing a list of all certified birth and death certificates that will be used by HESLB for analysis.

Credit finance budget for 2020/2021

  • In the academic year 2020/2021, the Government has allocated TZS 464 billion which will benefit a total of 145,000 students. Of these, 54,000 students will be first-year students and another 91,000 are beneficiaries who are continuing their studies. In 2019/2020 a total of TZS 450 billion was allocated and benefited a total of 132,119 students.
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