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Government to review loan Repayment System HESLB

The government has said it is in the process of review loan repayment system for higher education loan beneficiaries so that they can be reduced.

The statement was made on Wednesday, March 31, 2021 in parliament in Dodoma by Deputy Minister of Education Omari Kipanga while answering a supplementary question from the Member of Parliament for special seats, Halima Mdee.

Mdee has questioned when the government will submit to parliament the proposed legislation to relieve the burden on those who benefit from higher education loan beneficiaries as the scheme has become a business.

According to Mdee, the government is helping poor children when it hurts them with a series of debts.

The Deputy Minister said the levies mentioned by the MP are not realistic as there is a good procedure for how to repay loans.

The key question was asked by Atupele Mwakibete and sparked a long debate in parliament where many MPs wanted to ask questions.

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