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Goverment To Hire 16000 Teachers Next Year

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The government of Tanzania under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology expects to hire 16,000 teachers in the next year 2020 to meet the shortage of teachers especially Science teachers in the country.
This was stated by Deputy Minister of State, William Ole Nasha, in response to a question about the shortage of Science teachers at the Viba School in Igunga in Tabora.
Nasha said the recruitment plan will be implemented within three years, aiming to solve the challenge of teachers in particular Science.
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He said the strategies they set up were to ensure employers who graduate from colleges go to fill the required gaps.
“There are special colleges that we have set aside to provide Science teachers. This will help us a lot,” said Ole Nasha.
“But remember employers are TAMISEMI, the Ministry of Education says we have a shortage of Teachers where TAMISEMI ​​whose job is to hire,” he explained.

He said they are sending teachers to schools based on the need for the relevant section.
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He said one of the challenges that contributed to the shortage of teachers was the teachers who had received fake certificates and had been removed.
He said tackling the issue would take a while, but it would be resolved within three to four years that they continue to hire.
“We will continue to hire, train and improve infrastructure for teachers who are employed,” said Ole Nasha.


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