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490,103 Candidates Sit For Form Four National Examination 2020

Form Four National Examination 2020 Start today

490,103 Students Starting Form Four National Examination 2020 tomorrow . Speaking in his office, the Assistant Director from the Office of the President – PMO-RALG (TAMISEMI) Oganga said, the students officially start the exams from November 23 to December 11, 2020.

Oganga said that among them, there are 448,164 School Candidates, of which 213,553 Boys (47.7% and 234,611 Girls (52.3%).

The Director of Secondary Education added that out of all those expected to take the exam, there are 41,939 Candidates (Private Candidates) (18,118 boys equivalent to 43.2% and 23,821 Girls equivalent to 56.8%)

In addition to students with special needs, Oganga said a total of 893, including 60 visually impaired, visually impaired, 186 deaf and 222 physically disabled.

Oganga, explained that the Special Needs Students from the group of private candidates are 11 (7 poor  visually and 4 visually impaired).

In the academic Year of 2019 the total number of students who took the Form Four Examination Examination was 485,866. However, in the year 2020 it has been reported to have an increase of 4,237 students equivalent to 0.9 percent.

Speaking about the Knowledge Test (QT), he said a total of 9,426 students are expected to take the test with 4,147 boys equal to 44% and girls 5,279 equivalent to 56%, so that in 2019, the students who did QT were 12,984.

The director concluded by wishing all the best to all the students who will start the exams tomorrow. Form Four National Examination 2020

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