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Form Four Examination Format 2020

Form Four Examination Format 2020  Format Ya Form Four, Format Mpya Form Four 2020, Format Mpya Mtihani Kidato Cha Nne

In 2005, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MOEVT) revised the 1997 ordinary level secondary education curriculum. The revised curriculum mainly emphasises on the development of competences as opposed to mere acquisition of content. This Examinations Format booklet has, therefore, been revised to accommodate those changes. The schedule of subjects covered in this document and which must be taken by candidates sitting for the CERTIFICATE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION EXAMINATION, is as prescribed by Circular Number 1 of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MOEVT), of April 2006. It includes seven core/compulsory subjects, bias and optional subjects.

The seven core subjects are Civics, History, Geography, Kiswahili, English Language, Biology and Mathematics. The list of bias and optional subjects is as specified in the said MOEVT’S Circular (attached as Annex 1). Science stream candidates will be examined in the Physics and Chemistry subjects in addition to the seven compulsory, bias and optional subjects.
New syllabuses have been prepared for those seven core subjects. The new syllabuses were introduced in secondary schools in 2005 and will be examined for the first time in the CSEE in October 2008. The syllabuses for Physics and Chemistry, which were still undergoing revisions up to 2007, are expected to be in use effective from January 2008. They will be examined for the first time in the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination in 2011. Meanwhile, the 1997 syllabuses for Physics and Chemistry subjects, as well as for bias and optional subjects, will continue to be used.
This Examinations Format Booklet includes the formats of all the subjects that will be examined in the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination in October 2008 onwards. The major objective is to have a single Booklet on Examinations Format for all the subjects examined in the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination to ensure easy reference by the users.
It is hoped that this Booklet will give an extra guidance to teachers on examination procedures, particularly on the use of Table of Specifications in setting examinations. Teachers are therefore strongly encouraged to take advantage of these format models in assessing their learners so as to harmonise their assessment procedures and those used by the National Examinations Council of Tanzania.
The Examinations Format Booklet will also help examiners in producing examination papers, which fulfil the requirements of the syllabus. The formats are also expected to help teachers and learners to cope with syllabus requirement for successful syllabus coverage and acquisition of knowledge and skills.
Additionally, these Examination Formats are designed such that they will be used hand in hand with the syllabuses. They should not therefore, substitute subject syllabuses.

Form Four Examination Format 2020

Lastly, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to UNICEF for financially supporting the preparation of these formats. I am also grateful to various individuals for their invaluable inputs during the revision and improvement process of this document. I am particularly appreciative to the Teachers, School Inspectors, Examinations Officers, and Curriculum Developers who participated in the revision of these formats.
Any constructive comments, especially suggestions from users of these formats will always be welcome and appreciated.For more details Download or View PDF FILE below:-

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