Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Jobs (6 POSTS)

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Jobs (6 POSTS)

Sometimes in life there is that moment when it’s possible to make a change for the better. This is one of those moments.
-Elizabeth Glaser
The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation is a global leader in the fight against pediatric HIV and AIDS, working in 19 countries and supporting close to 6,000 sites around the world to prevent the transmission of HIV to children, and to facilitate access to services for those already infected. Today, because of the highly successful work of the Foundation and its partners, pediatric AIDS has been virtually eliminated in the United States. With a growing global staff of over 1,000—nine of 10 who work in the field—the Foundation’s global mission is to implement prevention, care, and treatment; further advance innovative research and to execute strategic and targeted global advocacy activities to bring dramatic change to the lives of millions of women, children, and families worldwide.

Job Title: Regional Technical Advisor – Pediatrics & adolescent services

Supervisor: Senior Technical Advisor/Manager – Pediatrics &Adolescent services
Location: Dodoma
Job grade: Grade 6

Job Summary

The Regional Technical Advisors – Pediatrics and adolescent services plays a key role in the implementation of EGPAF Tanzania’s pediatric focus and strategy. They will provides technical advice to the project technical officers in the regions, builds capacity of facility staff in neonatal and child health, in particular in the prevention, care and treatment of pediatric and adolescent HIV, on child health especially ECD and pediatric TB, develops innovative approaches to improve the program and acts as a valuable source of information for the MOHCDGEC at regional level and implementing partners while continuously advocating for high quality health services for HIV exposed or infected children and their families. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
1. Leads and monitors the implementation of EGPAF Tanzania’s pediatric and adolescent strategy at regional level
a. Continuously reviewing EGPAF Tanzania’s strategies on pediatric and adolescent services and providing technical assistance for further improvement of EGPAF Tanzania’s programs

  • Regular meet with technical managers and officers of the projects, coordinators of program components and address the pediatric and adolescent issues concerned
  • Work with SIE department to regular monitor progress towards pediatric and adolescent targets, to strengthen the documentation and reporting of /on the pediatric and adolescent HIV cascade
  • Work with regional RAS teams on identifying and addressing region specific pediatric and adolescent issues, especially HIV, TB and early childhood development, family planning, gender and violence against children while observing child safeguarding principles

b. Participate in Foundation’s overall activities concerning pediatric and adolescent strategies
c. Strengthen the implementation of a child centered and family care clinic approach across the supported councils
d. Implement, monitor, evaluate and report different initiatives to respond to donor needs in the HIV clinical cascade eg optimized testing, Timiza ndoto, Jitambue, teen/adolescent clubs, teen ten cell leaders, pediatric and adolescent centers of excellence and quality improvement methodologies
e. Participate in coordination of mentorship program at different levels in the region including inter-facility learning exchange sessions

  • Coordinate pediatric and adolescent services in the region including AGYW and CECAP for adolescent girls
  • Coordinate pediatric and adolescent annual experience sharing meetings

2. Pediatric and adolescent capacity building of HCPs and other stakeholders
a. Closely collaborate with the Training and Capacity Building department in the planning and facilitation of trainings related to pediatric and child health in the region and at National level

  • Participate in trainings building pediatric capacity of HCP
  • Assist in addressing site specific needs by direct didactic training and mentoring
  • Development of new training curricula; improvement of existing training curricula
  • specifically ensure that guideline changes are addressed and shared with sites timely

b. Coordinate and supervise the roll out and implementation of new guidelines, ARV regimens recommendations/circulars or any changes as guided by the MOCDGEC

  • Conduct site assessment to identify gaps and needs, and address them
  • Conduct morbidity and mortality case review with facility staff, and facilitate documentation in the files
  • Disseminate pediatric and adolescent project tools eg dosing charts, job aids and SOPs
  • Participate in case management including attending major ward rounds as part of capacity building at Regional and District Hospitals
  • Orient HCPs on implementation of different interventions

3. In collaboration with the Senior Technical advisor, provide technical support to MOHCDGEC, implementing partners and other stakeholders in Tanzania
a . Communicate and share with MOHCDGEC NACP, RCH section, TB program activities, observations and interventions as conducted by the Foundation in relevance to neonatal and child health, including pediatric HIV
b . Participate in the Pediatric Technical Working Group
c. Participate in other technical working groups as need arises
d. Assist in the documentation and dissemination of important achievements and developments in child health, pediatric HIV, pediatric TB and ECD amongst stakeholders

Required Qualifications
Education and Experience

  • MD, MMED in pediatrics and child Health
  • Minimum of 1 year experience provision of services for children and adolescent living with HIV
  • Experience in coordinating and facilitating training on pediatric and adolescent HIV services
  • Strong mentorship skills in pediatric and adolescent HIV care and treatment
  • Computer literacy, with comfortable working experience with the basic Microsoft packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Ms Outlook)
  • Should be fluent in both Kiswahili and English

Essential Skills and Knowledge

  • Knowledge and understanding of HIV services, PMTCT, MCH, pediatric and adolescent HIV care and treatment
  • Experience working with R/CHMT on pediatric, adolescent, MNCH, and ASRH

Job Title: Temporary Research Coordinators (5)

Immediate Supervisor: Senior Manager Evaluation Research
Location: Dar es Salaam
Job grade: 6

Job Summary

EGPAF is implementing two evaluations on HIV services and patient satisfaction. Both are prospective follow-up of enrolled patients, using phone surveys. Duties will involve recruiting eligible participants and conducting study interview with them. Participants in one survey will be interviewed over approximate 30-day periods spread over about 11 months (three survey rounds– about 30 days in months 1-2, 30 days in months 5-5, and 30 days in months 9-10). Participants in the other survey will be interviewed at baseline, and again about 12 months later. Phone interviews will be conducted from EGPAF’s country offices in Dar Es Salaam.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The essential duties and responsibilities will largely focus on:

  • Training in protection of human subjects (ethics) and all study procedures
  • Calling participants and interviewing them, entering data onto an electronic tool
  • Updating and keeping an enrollment log
  • All RCs will submit daily or weekly reports detailing their hours completed and achievement of work targets, and any relevant study documentation, as stipulated by EGPAF.
  • Work will be compensated at a daily allowance rate, subject to tax.

Required Qualifications
Education & Experience

  • Must have at least an advanced diploma/degree in either of the following: sociology, statistics, medical or related field
  • Prior experience working with EGPAF or another international NGO on research data collection through structured interviews is preferred
  • Proficiently with computers
  • Must be fluent in English and Kiswahili
  • Prior experience with conducting phone interviews is an added advantage

Essential Skills and Knowledge

  • Knowledge and understanding of HIV services, PMTCT, MCH, pediatric and adolescent HIV care and treatment
  • Experience working with R/CHMT on pediatric, adolescent, MNCH, and ASRH


  • Interested candidate should email their application with the subject line: Temporary Research Coordinator your name.
  • EGPAF is an equal opportunities employer and the position is open to all. Qualified candidates should submit a CV, cover letter and relevant certificates explaining how the experience detailed in the CV will contribute to the requirements of the position and references to EGPAF.

Submissions to be sent to: [email protected]

Senior Human Resource Manager,
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation,
P.O. BOX 1628,
395 Ursino Park, Mwai Kibaki Road, Morocco.
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Closing date: July 06th, 2020.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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