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COVID-19 News: Public Announcement From Ajira Portal Utumishi

Public Announcement From Ajira Portal Utumishi | COVID-19 News

The Public Service Secretariat would like to notify its various stakeholders those who require our services that they do not have to waste time or incur costs unnecessary by visiting our offices for issues that its services may available through telecommunication systems, especially cell phones. COVID-19 News

It therefore advises its stakeholders especially those seeking employment in the state if they are challenged pertaining to the operation of the recruitment process to contact them through cell phones 0735398259 – 0736 005511 – 0784398259 and give feedback / advice or find a solution the challenge they have.


In addition, when necessary after contacting us and still seeing the challenge it will end with coming to the office, he is invited to come to the office located at the Utumishi Building in the city of Dar es Salaam, especially for those called to work who are required to follow the letter of appointment work stations, they are very welcome.

It is the intention of the Labor Secretariat to ensure we move our services closer to stakeholders and
they got it on time without interruption. And also considering the challenge of the disease CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) which the Government and Health Experts have advised to take precautions including minimizing unnecessary interactions, it is best to communicate more over the phone when necessary. COVID-19 News

We’ll soon serve you, it’s time to get your National ID number (NIDA) and register in the job application system available through “portal.ajira.go.tz” to install in the best position to apply for a job in government whenever employment opportunities are announced.

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