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Confirmed: Expect New Galaxy Note Model 2022

DJ Koh has announced that we will definitely see new Galaxy Notes in the future. He mentioned that the Note line is very important to Samsung, but also consumers. This is partly due to the high-end hardware, new techniques and of course the S Pen. After all, with that stylus you can work and draw much more precisely on your smartphone screen.

However, we will not see a new Samsung Galaxy Note this year. According to the CEO, this has several causes. First, it will be difficult to produce millions of devices due to shortages of parts, mainly chips.

Confirmed: Expect New Galaxy Note Model 2022

He also calls the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra a good alternative. That high-end device was presented in mid-January and also offers support for the stylus.

In 2022 we have to see a new Galaxy Note model, but nothing is absolutely certain. He also mentions that it is not entirely clear whether the introduction will be in August again. That month has been used for years for the presentation of new Notes.

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