COD Vanguard free access not working Solutions 100%


Call of Duty Vanguard free access not working fix. Some of this game player face that problem when they want to play. Here we have some of solution you can use to try fixing the issue as explained below.

COD Vanguard free access not working

COD Vanguard free access not working

The following below are the ways fix Vanguard free Access not working Xbox/ PlayStation 5:-


SOLUTION 1. For Xbox / Play Station user

  • You have to go to the PSN or Xbox Live search bar then search or “vanguard free access” in the store
  • It will direct to the store page for the Vanguard free access trial rather than the main Vanguard page.
  • Thus click to the “Free” buy button and from there console have to start downloading Vanguard normally, for free this time.

SOLUTION 2: Close and Relaunch

Also you can try to fix the issue by close and relaunch the game . Thus from there it must work as normally

SOLUTION 3: Uninstall and reinstall the game

However, you can do this where you have to uninstall then exist game from your device and reinstall it.

SOLUTION 4: check connections

Here you have to Check the connection of your console and restart it.

Above are the tips you can ise to fix Vanguard free access not working in your device. If it used to solve your problem drop your comment and share it to your friends.




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