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Chemistry Notes Form one PDF | Form 1 Notes

Chemistry Notes Form one, Downlaod Chemistry Notes Form One, Full Chemistry Form One Notes, Chemistry Notes Form one PDF | Form 1 Notes

Explain the concept of Chemistry

Chemistry is a branch of science that deals with the study of nature, properties and composition of matter. Matter can be defined as anything that has weight or mass and can occupy space.

Therefore, in chemistry we study materials that make up the earth and universe. These range from living to non-living materials. We apply the knowledge of chemistry to study the composition, behaviour and nature of materials around us. This study enables us to make the best use of these materials to improve our welfare. Materials Objects Made by Application of Chemistry

Mention materials objects made by application of chemistry

Chemistry is such an important subject that it is applied in other fields such as agriculture, manufacturing, medicine, processing and food industries, education, cosmetics and home care industries, etc.

All these industries are responsible for the production of materials that we need to support and hence improve our lives.

Materials made by the application of chemistry knowledge include soap, chalk, shoes, clothes, petroleum products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages,  cosmetics, drugs, and many others. Can you mention some of the materials made by the application of chemistry knowledge?. This, therefore, means that chemistry is applied in factories, homes, hospitals, pharmacies, research centers, higher learning institutions, etc

Chemistry Notes Form one PDF | Form 1 Notes

For Full Chemistry Form One Notes for Tanzania Schools you can download PDF file of Notes below:-

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