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UDSM Call for applications for 1 PhD Fellowship within vector-borne disease modelling

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Consultative Research Committee for Development Research (FFU) has recently granted the research project entitled Predicting vector-borne disease epidemics: Dissemination of risk forecasting using District Health Information Software2 in Tanzania (PreVBD) full support, including funding for a PhD fellowship with focus on vector-borne disease modelling.

The study of the PhD fellow will include, but not be limited to, modelling mosquito vector (Aedes and Anopheles) distribution and abundance patterns, as well as spatio-temporal modelling of dengue and malaria transmission in the regions Tanga on Tanzania mainland and Unguja, Zanzibar, using field collected data on vectors, serology and climatic/meteorological data.

This includes development of state-
of-the art predictive models, combining mosquito ecological niche/statistical models, machine learning with mathematical VBD outbreak models (statistical surveillance) for timely recognition of epidemic dengue and malaria risks.

Part of the study also entails working with partners at University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) as well as other project partners on ways to integrate data and model outputs with the District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2) to visualise and disseminate outcomes, or refine predictions.

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