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Bodi Ya Mikopo Zanzibar (ZHELB) | Zanzibar Hinger Education Loan Board

Bodi Ya Mikopo Zanzibar (ZHELB) | Zanzibar Hinger Education Loan Board started as the Zanzibar Education Fund was introduced in 2006. Government initiated Education Fund for payment of Tuition and Examination fees to students attending tertiary education for different levels, Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees. Students and their Parents were required to meet the cost for Meals and Accommodation.

In 2011, ZHELB was established through Act No. 3 of 2011 and started operations in August 2011 as an autonomous institution. Board initiated for payment and repayment of Higher Education loans from graduate students. The Board reports to the Minister responsible for Education in Zanzibar.

Vision, Mission and Core Value


  • To provide maximum possible financial support to all eligible Zanzibaris pursuing higher education


  • To have a Zanzibar society with sufficient number of competent professionals in all fields of expertise

How do you apply for ZHESLB loan? ZHESLB (Bodi Ya Mikopo Zanzibar) Form Application  Process

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Download ZHESLB Application form and print
  3. The copies will have to be properly filled, signed and stamped by the relevant authorities and guarantors.
  4. Put your signature on the application form, and attach all the required documents. You will find the full list of the documents on the last page of the Loan Application Form.
  5. One copy of your properly filled in application form with the documents should be sent to ZHESLB office
Zanzibar Online Loan Application System 
Bodi Ya Mikopo Zanzibar Login Page

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ZHESLB (Bodi Ya Mikopo Zanzibar) contacts

Makao Makuu – Unguja

MkurugenziBodi ya Mikopo Elimu ya Juu Zanzibar, Jengo la Sinema ya Majestic, Barabara ya Vuga ; Ghorofa ya pili,S.L.P 3344Unguja, ZanzibarTanzaniaPhone: 255 (0) 242236847Fax: +255 (0) 242236846 [email protected]

Ofisi – Pemba


Bodi ya Mikopo Elimu ya Juu Zanzibar, Jengo la Wizara ya Elimu na Mafunzo ya Amali,
S.L.P 3344
Chakechake , Pemba
Phone: +255 (0)24 2452674
[email protected]

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