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BNI University Login

BNI University Login. An important step professionalism and personal in development   of any. Lifelong learning is one of core values ​​at BNI. When become BNI memeber gives you access to the BNI Business Builder for content sharing, collaboration and social learning, as well as the BNI University online learning platform where you complete your education in the Member Success Program that will help you make your membership great to get started.

All educational materials created by BNI are now easily available at BNI Business Builder.

BNI Business Builder has both desktop and mobile applications and gives you access to:

  1. 24/7 access to educational and training content
  2. Podcasts and webinars
  3. Access to downloadable documents
  4. Global and regional rankings
  5. Your university profile at BNI

BNI University Login

To login in the system should have your correct information that are:-

  • Username or Email
  • Password

Visit this official login page BNI University Login 

Incase you have forgotten password you will qnd you already have an Account, you will be required to fill your Email Address to Recover your Password.

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