7 Blog Post SEO Writing Tips 2021

Do you need your blog post rank number one in search Engine to increasing organic traffics. Here are SEO writing tips for Writing blog post that will rank top in different search Engines like google, bing, Yahoo

7 Blog Post SEO Writing Tips 2021

The following are the seven tips you can consider to writing post

Keyword research.

First thing to do is research of keywords about a post you want to write so as you can use them in different part of your article so as to rank your blog post in top of search Engine.

Good title writing.

Another Important thing for blog post SEO is to ensure blog post title is well written by including keywords that will enable post to rank at the top of search Engine. Thus make sure blog post length is about 50-60 characters.

Use Meta Descriptions.

However use of meta tags will increase possibility of you blog post to rank number one or top of various search Engine. Meta Description aimed to provide short details on what blog post is all about, Also  Social media such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn display it when your articles are shared on those platforms.

Short Paragraphs;

In blog article writing can enhance blog post to appear in top of search Engine when people search about it. So make sure your consider good style of article writing by keep shorts paragraph that will even attract your readers.

Keywords In URL.

This is very important to increase SEO of your blog post by including keywords in the blog Post URL

Labels, Tags And Categories.

Labels, categories and tags help you sort your content not only for yourself, but for the readers and search engines since Categories are used to divide your content into major topics written on your blog.

Image Optimisation.

Aso to improve your blog post SEO to rank top in search engines make sure image used in post are optimised by reducing size, use the “Alt Text” to maximize accessibility.

Those are some useful tips can use to improve SEO of blog post to rank top of search Engines
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