4 Best Android Apps To Hide Messages


Best Android Apps To Hide Messages. If you are one of those people who prefer “hide your messages” then you surely enjoy the news from, yesterday we talked about how to read WhatsApp messages without anyone knowing if you are online and today we talk about how to hide SMS on an Android phone.

Anyway .. this is all a learning medium because you never know when you need to use these methods.

So after saying this let’s go to this list of great apps for encrypting SMS through your Android system phone. Remember this list is not in order so all the apps on this list are grear.


Best Android Apps To Hide Messages

The following below are 4 Best Android Apps To Hide Messages

Vault – Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

If you are one of the people in urgent need to hide SMS as well as many other things then the Vault app is great for you. This app has great ability to hide various things besides SMS on your phone while giving you better protection from other apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and the like.

Message Locker – Chat lock / AppLock / Lock themes

Another app that is especially good at hiding SMS is the Message Locker app, this app has great ability to encrypt SMS as well as set password on various apps that come with your phone. You can set a password for the SMS, Email section and various other places within your Android phone.

Private Message Box : Hide SMS

If you want to do more than hide SMS then this Private Message Box app is a great help for you. This app has the ability to encrypt SMS using a password but it also comes with a part where you can hide Call Logs of a specific number, using this app you can save a phone number that when called is not displayed anywhere as it was called.


Calculator Pro+ – Private Message & Call Screening

Another great app to have is the Calculator Pro + app. This app as its name sounds like a calculator or calculator, but in it comes with a secret part of the exchange and numbers that its SMS you don’t want to be seen by anyone.

Through this app you will be able to flash the number you want your messages to appear and every time the number sends an SMS then those SMS will no longer appear in the regular SMS app on your phone and will instead be deleted and sent to the app.

And those are the apps I have prepare for you that will help you hide SMS through your Android phone.




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