Things To Know Before Applying To College
Things To Know Before Applying To College

Be Happy For Doing These Things 2020/2021

Be Happy For Doing These Things.Happiness is wish of every body in his or her life.  When you have happiness is freedom in doing your duties.

Be Happy For Doing These Things

How to be happy in your whole life.
If you like to be happy read the following tips to make your happiness.

  1. Accept yourself.Happiness does not come automatically it is made by yourself, you have to appreciate the way you are either tall or shot, fat or thin, black or white that is you nobody like you. It’s purpose of Allah or God to create you. So accept yourself do not compare you and others because human being are not the same everyone has it’s value.
  2. Choice of friend. Friends are impprtant in our life can give you advice what of to do in different situation either during happiness or problem. Always they are together with you, this because you choose best friends. Thus take care in choice of friends so as to have good and helpful friends.
  3. Appreciate what you are doing. In life People do not do the same work every one have is business or activities make him or her to make money. Other can be shopkeepers, doctors, teachers, engineers and so on. Therefore you have to appreciate your activities you doing as long is legal business and use it to make money.
  4. Avoid personal and impersonal conflicts. Conflict is misunderstanding with somebody. In life to be happy you have to have good relationship with people in your community since conflict with people arrounding you can give stress that will end your happiness. So try to handle your life as posssible in order to be free from personal and impersonal conflicts.
  5. Control feels. However to be happy in your life first control your feels and not let your feels control you. Do not be hateful and angry pesonal without any reasons, because can remove your happiness.
  6. Refresh mind. After long working hours get time to relax and refreshing your mind by doing various things such as playing with your children, listen songs, going beach. This can lead you to be happy.
  7. Do what you like. Any person enjoy to do what he or she like. So make sure you do job that you will enjoy yourself instead of doing what you never like can make you to have a stress. So be happy for doing what you always love or like.
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