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Australian National University Scholarship in Regolith Science

Australian National University Scholarship in Regolith Science. This scholarship is offered by the ANU College of Science to support Honours or Coursework Masters student research in the fields of Regolith Science.

Field of study

  • Regolith Science


The award shall be available to a prospective or continuing ANU student who is:

  • a domestic or international student;
  • enrolled or enrolling in an Honours or coursework Masters program in the Colleges in one of the following programs:
    • Bachelor of Science;
    • Bachelor of Science (Advanced) Honours;
    • Bachelor of Philosophy;
    • Master of Earth Sciences (Advanced);
  • undertaking a research project that is consistent with the broad field of regolith science.  Projects can include laboratory and/or field and/or modelling studies.

Selection basis

Selection will be made on the basis of academic merit, and in accordance with the eligibility criteria and application requirements.  A personal interview may be required if deemed appropriate by the Selection Committee.

Benefits For Australian National University Scholarship in Regolith Science

The scholarship provides a stipend of $5000 with an additional amount of funding of up to $5000 available for research project funding.

How to apply

Students are required to apply using the application form at the top of this page. Applications open from 31st August to 30th November each year

Further information

Regolith science incorporates the study of the weathered zone, including soils, sediments, weathered rocks, water and biota. Regolith science is multi-disciplinary and can include aspects of earth sciences (geology, geochemistry and geophysics), environmental science, planetary science, geography, soil science, water resources and biology, in order to understand landscape evolution, biogeochemical cycling of elements, groundwater and surface water resources (water quantity and water quality), impacts of human activity (such as agriculture, mining and/or urbanisation).

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