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Ardhi University Second Round Selection 2021/22 PDF

Ardhi University Second Round Selection 2021/22 PDF has been released today. has prepare here for you all updates related to the ARU Second Round selected applicants 2021/2022.

Summary Details Ardhi University Second Round Selection 2021/22

  • Selection Level: Undergraduate (Bachelor Degree)
  • Academic Year: 2021/2022
  • Selection Release Date: 18 September 2021
  • Confirmation Date. For the multiple Selected Applicants (18th, September to 24th September 2021)

How to check Ardhi University Second Round Selection 2021/22

The following below are the steps to follow to see your selection status at Ardhi University

  1. Visit ARU online application system
  2. Login in your admission account using your data used during sending application that is:-
    • Username and
    • Password
  3. Then after successful given access to your account You will see your selection status either Selected or not selected

Ardhi University Second Round Selection 2021/22 Status

After view your selection status you can see one among the following  below selection status results:-

  • Single Selected
  • Multiple Selected
  • Not Selected

Single Selected Applicants

This means that you have selected with one university only among the university you sent your application.

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Multiple Selected Applicants

These are applicants who have been admitted to more than one college who are need to confirm their admission to one of the colleges from 18th September to 24 September, 2021 for a special code sent by text message through their phone numbers or emails they used when applying admission.

Those who do not receive the message in time, are advised enter the admission systems of the colleges where they were admitted and apply sent a text message or email with a special secret code in order to confirm at the respective college. Proof of admission must be made through the account that the applicant used when applying for admission.

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Not Selected Applicants

These are students who applied for the admission and unfortunately not selected to join with University.

But don’t give up still you have opportunity to apply for the third round application from 18th to 24th September 2021. Thus, you have to be careful in applying courses or programmes for study by considering your performance and competition. For Universities Third Round Application apply Here

For further information about ARU Second Round selection 2021/2022 visit university website

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