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Ardhi University Admission System | ARU Online Application 2021/2022


Ardhi University Admission System | ARU Online Application 2021/2022. Ardhi University (ARU) is a public academic institution established under the Ardhi University Charter of 2007. Currently, ARU is a unique institution, being the only one of its kind in Tanzania and in Africa so far offering integrated training and conducting research in the various matters related to land, the built environment, social-economic as well as other environmental related disciplines under one roof.

Apart from the land and environmental related disciplines, ARU also offers undergraduate training in areas of Economics; Community and Development Studies; Information Systems Management; Computer Systems and Networks, Civil Engineering; Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing; Accounting and Finance as well as Real Estates, Finance and Investments. All these are offered in twenty two (22) undergraduate programmes currently running at Ardhi University.

In this regard, Ardhi University is a place where careers are nurtured and high profile graduates are produced each year. Our graduates are introduced to practical training through in-semester fieldworks, industrial trainings and project works throughout their academic life at the University. This approach does not only impart them with practical knowledge and skills, but also facilitate easy link and access to the labor market upon graduating.


Ardhi University Admission System | ARU Online Application 2021/2022 Dates

Thus, applications for admission to various undergraduate degree programmes at Ardhi
University (ARU) for the academic year 2021/2022 are invited from qualified candidates who finished form six and diploma levels; NTA Level 6, FTC or any other relevant Diplomas. As per the TCU Admission Almanac for 2021/22 admission cycle, the mini application window will open from 15th June 2021 and Round One application will open
from 15th July 2021; Round Two will last from 24th to 06th Sept 2021; and the Third Round will run from 14th to 20th Sept 2021. Should there be any changes, you will be informed accordingly.

All applicants are invited to send their applications directly to the University through an on-line system using the link Once in the admission page, all requisite information and guidelines to take the applicant through the application stages are provided.


Step 1: Registration for an admission account

  1. Visit our admission system through web address( url) :
  2. Create for an account in Ardhi University Admissions System through the login / register menu, or click the “Apply Now” button. Note: to create an account in admission system you will need the following details
    1. Where you studied your secondary level education If you have studied your O-level secondary level education in Tanzania then, you must enter your NECTA Form 4 Index Number.

      1. Make sure you have your Form 4 Index Number and your names should be the same as they appear in your certificate(s).
      2. For applicants with multiple sittings, make sure you use your first sitting NECTA form 4 index no.
      3. If you have studied your O-level secondary level education abroad then, you must enter your passport number.
    2. First name
    3. Second name
    4. Email Address
    5. Mobile Telephone Number
  3. To finalize registration you will need to enter in a password that you will use whenever you wish to log into our system.
    Then click the “create an account” button on your right hand side to create for an account.

    1. If you are successfully registered, then the system will send an email to your email address and an SMS to your mobile phone number which you have registered.
    2. Use the authentication code sent to your email or mobile phone number to complete your registration process.

Step 2: Make Application

  1. After you have successfully logged in to your account click the start a new application menu.
  2. You will be presented with four[4] steps to finish your application
    • Step 1: Basic Details.
      Follow the basic details form to enter your information
    • Step 2: Education Background.
      If you have multiple O-Level or A-Level sittings, make sure you enter all your NECTA index numbers for results from your multiple sittings to be used in the selection process.If you are a holder of an ordinary diploma or you have equivalent qualifications make sure you enter your AVN number from NACTE.

Step 3: Program Selection

  • Select the programme of your choice from first choice to fifth choice as shown on the programme application form

Step 4: Application Fee

  • Use the reference number shown to pay application fee by using mobile money services i.e. Mpesa, tigopesa, Airtelmoney etc. Tanzanian applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of TSH 10,000/=

CLICK HERE TO APPLY Ardhi University Admission System | ARU Online Application 2021/2022



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