Analysis of “THE BICYCLE THIEF” Movie 1949

THE BICYCLE THIEF this is the movie directed by VITTORIO DE SICA in 1949 where by the genre of this movie is , Neorealism because it is a national film movement characterized by stories set amongst the poor and the working class, where by the director used non professional actors, For example Ricci because he was searching for job every morning but one there is a job for a man who has bicycle but Ricci was trying to deny the job Opportunity because he has no bicycle.

Director has trying to show the Circle of poverty as the main theme of this film due to the fact that Ricci was not ready to take the job because he has no bicycle also his wife MARIA supported him by selling the inside properties (bed covers) for the purpose of getting money and buy bicycle also the thief stolen the Ricci bicycle because of poverty, hence poverty can lead to the underdevelopment in the society.

The summary of the movie “THE BICYCLE THIEF”

Unemployed Antonio Ricci is elated when he finally finds work hanging posters around war‑torn Rome. His wife, Maria sells the family’s bed linens to retrieve Antonio’s bicycle from the pawnshop so he can take the job. However, disaster strikes when Antonio’s bicycle is stolen, ad he started to look for it with Bruno.

The following below is the main body of the movie “THE BICYCLE THIEF”


Director has use the actor’s that portray the reality example Ricci he portrayed the role of farther to Bruno and role of husband to Maria where by he was looking for a job daily in order to provide family basic needs.

Also Maria has played a role of women because she was had working and supporting her husband for the better life .But also Bruno portrayed the role of children in the family hence both of them has much corresponding to the idea of the director.

Scenario of the Movie

The scenario of this movie THE BICYCLE THIEF is forwarding direct because the sequence and the flow of the movie it has the begging, middle and the end hence the director use the straight forward formation in the movie.


The film THE BICYCLE THIEF also makes great use of cinematography by using different sizes of shots to capture emotion or perspective. Close-ups of Antonio’s face occur throughout the film, and each shot reveals the enormous frustration and exhaustion he is feeling.
This really helps the viewer relate with Antonio, and makes him or her feel exactly what he’s feeling.

Long shots are also used during several key parts of the film. For example, at the end of the film, Antonio is so desperate to have a bike that he decides to steal one. For this scene, a long shot reveals a huge rack of bikes at the stadium, and viewers can sense his own contemplation of stealing one.


In addition to the film’s form, enhanced by clever use of mise-en-scene, especially with respect to the lighting, costumes, and props. Although the film is in black and white, there are different shades of lighting in the film. For example, low-key lighting is used when Antonio is in his home, when he visits the seer, and in the pawnshop.

This lighting emphasizes Antonio’s desperation during those scenes. In contrast, high-key lighting is used throughout most of the outdoor scenes, which highlights the enormous size of the city. This emphasizes the large area that Antonio has to search, revealing the daunting task that lie ahead of him.

Aside from the lighting, the costume selection helps viewers understand the characters’ status. The clothing that Antonio’s family wears throughout the movie is very basic, and it reflects their lower-class status. This is even more apparent during the restaurant scene. A family is portrayed as wealthy, and their clothing is very elaborate, with the women wearing expensive hats and men wearing well-made suits. Antonio’s family always wears clothing that is plain and dated.

The props in the film also reinforce Antonio’s poverty and bad luck. Antonio’s home is very bare inside, having few decorations. In contrast, the seer’s home is decorated with many furnishings. The numerous bicycle props throughout the film also create a sense of suspense viewers are likely wondering if he’ll spot his bicycle. In addition, the vast number of bicycles reinforce the sadness of Antonio’s situation: all this man needs is one simple bicycle so that he can work, and they are everywhere! Yet, he can never find his own bike and that’s all he needs so that he can provide for his family.

Finally, a traveling matte technique is visible in the film. The best example of this is when Antonio is riding in the truck with his friend. It is very clear that the vehicle is not really moving. The filmmakers probably inserted a clip of motion into the background to create this effect.

Although this film is older, it still has the ability to capture the attention of viewers. It will likely be remembered as a masterpiece of filmmaking and storytelling from this era for many years to come. Therefore its a good movie that some one can look it because it provide life experiences

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