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Analysis Of MAMA Film By Aunt Ezekiel

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Meaning of Film
According to oxford dictionary film is a thin flexible strip of plastic or other material coated with light-sensitive emulsion for exposure in a camera, used to produce photographs or motion pictures. OR Is a story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a cinema or on television.Where by the film can contain different purposes or advantages such as educating, Entertainment, Employment,  criticize the evils.
By using Movie of MAMA by Aunty I write the Essay of analysing the movie by on  other side as follow:-
  • Form
  • Content
By starting with Form of MAMA movie by Aunty Ezekiel as follow below:-
What is form is how thing said in film. OR 
Film form is anything that is involved in making and producing the finished product. 
Film form contains different things or elements such as :-
  • Camera Movements.
  • Camera angel.
  • Choose of light . 
  • Editing .
The following is Form Elements used into this movie of MAMA By Aunty Ezekiel:-

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1. Camera Movements
Camera Movements is one of the most expressive tools available to a filmmaker. It alters the relationship between the subject and the camera frame, shaping the viewer’s perspective of space and time and controlling the delivery of narrative information.
The following are the camera Movements that has been used in the movie:-
Zoom is the camera Movements which used in film/movie in order to show different actions. Where by there are two types of zoom known as zoom out and zoom in .In this movie we have seen zoom when Aunty Ezekili talking to the police about the problem of Tumbo after being arrested where by she was trying to get information where she can get Tumbo hence there was zoom used.Also another zoom ut has been shown where aunt Ezekiel talking to the doctor about how to get treatment of her daughter after having motorbike accident hence there has been use of zoom Inorder to show the feelings. 
Panning is the camera Movements where by camera moved into horizontally way .This can be into two ways either from left side to right side or from right side to left side while its base in fixated on a certain point.
That is to say in panning you are not moving the position of the camera itself just the direction it faces.
In this movie of mama we he seen panning where Aunty Ezekiel soak her daughter with water because she was in pain hence there the use of panning to show the room they are inside.
Rack Focus
Rack Focus is not much as camera Movement as it is a technique but many beginners overlook this essential skill you adjust the lens to start an image blurry and then shift the focus to make it crisper or vice versa. It is an extremely effective way for  you to change your audiences focus from one subject to another. 
We have seen this in the movie where Aunty Ezekiel talking to Rehema due to her life of living without husband hence ather things are not moving well . 
Another rack focus is when Aunty Ezekil fetching water of her neighbor inored to get money to take it to the doctor .
2. Camera angles
Eye High level 
This is when camera points starting ahead intention is to be objective. This can be high level or low level. In this movie of MAMA by Aunty Ezekiel we have seen high level eyes when Tumba talking to the friend during the place where they were playing gambling then Tumbo talking to friend that have to sit down and keep on with gambling, then after police came arresting them. 
Another High Eyes Level in the movie of MAMA by Aunty Ezekiel is used when patient talking to the doctor that is time his to see the doctor. Due to the fact that doctor want to see Aunty Ezekiel while he was the first be in the hospital. This because Aunty Ezekiel’s daughter was serious injured from Motorbike Accidents while get back from School
Close Up 
This is when you want to highlight the ficial features of your character without any other distractions in the shot. This it has been used in the movie of MAMA when Aunty Ezekiel  come home to take the money and get back to pay the doctor for her daughter treatment then suddenly she discover that she has no money some one took all the money .
Another close up from movie of MAMA is when Aunty Ezekiel talking to her daughter Rehema and advisor her that she have to be happy always and not allow tears in her face.
Over Sshoulder (OTS)
This is not strictly an angle but its  a specialised shot that deserves its own place .
This movie of MAMA it has been used when Aunty Ezekiel talking to her neighbor about the cloth business then she asked by neighbor that does her cloth has any problem than during the conversations there the  use of over shoulder to Join the conversation .
Another over shoulder it has used when the executive officer asked Aunty Ezekiel to kiss her when she visit to his home place to seek the help of getting money hence there are the use of over shoulder.

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Long shot
In film, a view of a scene that is shot from a considerable distance, so that people appear as indistinct shapes. An extreme long shot is a view from an even greater distance, in which people appear as small dots in the landscape if at all .
In this movie long shot has been used when Aunty Ezekiel  moving with her daughters in the morning when the daughters going to school and her going to sell the puzzles hence long shot used .
Conclusion:-Therefore the movie of MAMA is revalence in our today society where by the main character played a role which is applicable in our daily life society where by there are women who live with no husband and still care the family hence the author of the movie is directly educates the society. 
Mama (2018) Aunty Ezekiel 
Robert P. Kolker (2015) Film, Form, and Culture 4th Ed., Routledge
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