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Airtel Money Mastercard

Airtel Money Mastercard

Airtel Money Mastercard is virtual card that allows you to buy goods and services from merchants across the world online through Your Airtel Money wallet.

Airtel Money Mastercard enables you to pay all online merchants around the world that accept Mastercard payments such as Netflix, Amazon, Alibaba, Uber etc.

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How does one request or create Airtel Money Mastercard?

  • Dial Airtel Money USSD: *150*60#.
  • Select #6. Financial services.
  • Select #1 Airtel Money Mastercard.
  • Select #1. Create Airtel Money Mastercard.
  • Enter passcode for Airtel Money Mastercard (this passcode will be used to authorize online transactions using the card).
  • Customer receives SMS notification with a link which contain Airtel Money Mastercard details…CARD NUMBER (PAN), CVV and expiry date (That’s all the information you will needed to complete your payments online).

How to Prefund Your Card?

  • No Need of refunding your Airtel Money Mastercard, it is directly linked to your Airtel Money wallet Balance.

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How to See Your Card Details?

  • Dial Airtel Money USSD: *150*60#.
  • Select #6. Financial services.
  • Select #3 Airtel Money Mastercard.
  • Select #2. Airtel Money Mastercard Details.
  • You will receive a short SMS with your Card Information, PAN, CVV and expiry date, these are the information you need complete your online payments

How does one use Airtel Money Mastercard (virtual card)?

Please note the Airtel Money Master Card can be used for online purchases only.

  • Once you have done your online purchases, at checkout, you choose pay by Mastercard, enter card details PAN, CVV and expiry date.
  • Enter passcode for authorization (This Passcode is used only for Airtel Money Online Mastercard payment Authorization).
  • The transaction will only be successful if the virtual card details entered are correct, the customer’s wallet is funded and operational.
  • When the customer’s transaction is successful, the Airtel money Account Deducted.
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