9 Reading Principles for Students To Understand

9 Reading Principles for Students To Understand  Many people have explained this topic, but most of them have put more emphasis on things that arise as reader, timely, and so on.I will put emphasis on readers to understand and to succeed.
It is the very essence of reading and understanding that¬†is based on what you read¬†and not the context or the time you use to read. Remember, we read the writings of humans and not angels but not all we need but that’s the¬†main ideas¬†¬†which is the¬†food of our brain for thinking¬†. ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†
So the goal of reading is to strengthen our thinking by taking great ideas  from the author. thinking is our highest ability to think we use it to look at things and to define them or to define them.
Philosophical many will agree with me that reading is the best way to search for new ideas and enrich our brain for thinking, although there are many ways of reading the strengthening of our genius for picking up the main ideas of the author and do part of the them. Therefore we avoid with the tendency to read the main ideas of information in order to respond to the exams just as it was understood.
Thank you for being with me in this introduction, now I beg you to continue to get new ideas for your reading and understanding .

9 Reading Principles for Students To Understand

These are a few reading principles: –
  1. Develop¬† Attention.Here I’m asking you to be very careful, because the basis for this theme is more dependent on this feature.¬†When I want to¬†search for the author’s main ideas,¬†I mean to want to know that the author intends to talk about exactly what the author’s liability in the topic is.¬†This will help you in not being confused with the long-term information or style that he or she will use to the author in explaining the relevant topics. Doing so is based on the fact that many use long-term information in presenting ideas.¬†you should be careful inyour reading to understand and pass¬†on the whole issue of¬†identification of the main ideas¬†of the author, because it is highly desired by your thoughts
  2. Understand Each Word of Sentence. This will help you to identify the main ideas without having to doubt what you have read .Many have fallen into the trap of misunderstandings of what they have missed and found themselves using a lot of power to read but there is no new idea that enters into mind. This problem is unfamiliar with the misunderstandings spoken by the author. Here it covers various materials including the dictionary etc. 
  3. Read a topic or sub-topic for time. Reading of more than one topic can lead to confuse not understand what you did learn for that time so to avoid it you must read only one top or sub topic so as to remember what you did study for thta time.
  4. Prepare yourself notes. Through the notes that you have prepared for yourself are very good because it will help you easily remember the topics you intended to read. Many like the slopes in reading by taking notes of other people or books without changing them into our thinking . The act makes it difficult for us to remember it in our reading. Because of this, you do not have to spend too much time in compelling the thinking of other people into your mind, without re-creating how you can easily keep them in mind.
  5. Reads books of different authors of the same topic. Now with the experience of the topics you can read books of others who discussed the topic you read. This will help you to gain experience in explaining or conducting research topics in different perspectives or forms.
  6. Plan your time. There is now fuxed time to read and understand it depend on a somebody himself or herself . Others say night but you have to plan your time table that will be good for you to study in conducive environment.
  7. Try to ask yourself questions. Once you finish reading one topic, close your page and ask yourself one question, what did the topic talk about ?here you can explain in a sense or in a piece of paper that you prepared in your native language . Write what you have learned in the topic briefly and then reload the page with a view to being content with the author. Then you will see a sharp rise because you want to know where you were mistaken in your expression. So you will no longer be a guest in the topic and you will be ready for the next step. Remember, many end up this step and rush the questions without entering the next step that is more important than answering the questions. Note, the questions end in school only but our thoughts are always living on it  . For this reason focus on maintaining new ideas in your thinking rather than using those thoughts just for answering questions.
  8. Avoid to use a lot of time. In reading the important thing is to understand if you fill tired get rest instead of forcing yourself to read can lead your to forget what you did read before. Thus if you get tired take some break before continue to read.
  9. Identify important sub-topic. This is an important step and a very special loading new ideas in u your readers to understand and succeed.Panga main ideas you saw in the presentation as you can see in the example of a single topic concerning AIDS: 
  • The¬†meaning of HIV
  • Transmission of HIV
  • Immunization

Let’s do those are the main sub topics you have seen in one of the topics that relate to poverty. Then begin to present the them fluently in your words using the language of the author as you pass it. Make sure that in your information you are avoiding the meaning of the words used in the theme. Use ideas all the main points you’ve got in the topic starting with the first or even last idea without the author’s return. Lastly, if you’ve been able to take¬†all the key ideas¬†and, like this, wait for a while and correct the errors.¬†The act will make the topic you own and not of the author again;¬†it’s already ready for your mind and so you are ready to ask questions or submit them wherever you are required.

This is what you call¬†read and understand reading¬†that your thinking has changed and you can contribute to the relevant topics. Remember, now in your mind the topic has not been covered as a burden but the¬†subject It’s part of your thinking.because you now have the ability to talk about¬†HIV, behavior, system, etc.,¬†in your words and not of the author again.

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