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9 Priority Criteria Used To Employ Teachers

9 Priority Criteria Used To Employ Teachers

On 07, September 2020 the President of
United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, approved the new employment of 13,000 School Teachers Primary and Secondary as well as Laboratory TechniciansSchool.

Today 27th November 2020,ย TAMISEMIย take opportunity to inform public that employment procedures are mentioned for the first phase they have been completed where the qualified teachersย are assigned to work stations.

The following below are 9 priority criteria used to employ teachers 2020

  1. The age of the applicant should not exceed 45 years;
  2. The subject and cadre of teacher taught by the applicant compared and advertised positions;
  3. Completion of the required documents to be submitted to the system;
  4. Comparison of information contained in certificates and reports filled in the system;
  5. Teachers who graduated from College between 2014 and 2019;
  6. Validity of submitted documents;
  7. Applicants who selected remote / rural schools did not competitions are allocated there; and
  8. Where most applicants had similar qualifications, the system selected the first applicant to apply.
  9. In addition, in these new jobs teachers with disabilities they have been given priority.

The names of the teachers assigned to the job centers are available at Website of the Office of the President-PMO-RALGย

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