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759,706 Students Selected Form One First Phase 2021

759,706 Students Selected Form One First Phase 2021. A total of 759,706 students equivalent to 91.1 percent of the successful students including 368,174 boys and 391,532 girls have been selected to join form one in 2021.

The statement was made by the Minister of State for the President’s Office of Regional Administration and Local Government (PMO-RALG), Hon. Selemani Jafo while announcing the selection of students to join form on in 2021 today in Dodoma.

Speaking Hon. Jafo said that out of 4,169 students have been selected to join boarding schools where 970 students will join special schools.

Also Hon. Jafo said 1,238 students will join vocational schools, 1,961 students will join regular boarding schools.

755,537 students including 362,247 boys and 385,665 girls have been selected to join full-time secondary schools in various parts of the country.

“Among those selected, 2,491 students with special needs include 1,312 boys and 1,179 girls equivalent to 75.0 percent of students with disabilities who took the test.

Hon. Jafo explained that a total of nine regions of Kagera, Katavi, Lindi, Mtwara, Mwanza, Njombe, Ruvuma, Songwe and Tabora have been able to arrange schools for all successful students to join form one 2021.

However a total of 74,166 students equivalent to 8.9 percent including 34,861 boys and 39,305 girls were not assigned to school in the first phase due to shortage of classrooms.

“Thus qualified students who were not assigned to school in this first phase will be assigned to school in the second phase before February 28, 2021”, explained Hon. Jafo

In addition to Hon. Jafo said that the students will continue to be assigned to schools as the Regions and Councils will continue to complete classrooms and desks until February 28, 2021.

He also instructed teachers and executives of the education sector at all levels to increase efforts in the management and monitoring of the provision of education to achieve the education goals set by the government.

“I inform on the leaders of the Regions and Councils to work with education stakeholders to complete the buildings and prepare the environment to receive all selected students to start their studies in January, 2021 without any restrictions of any kind”, called Hon. Jafo.

He also said that governors and councils should ensure that all students report to school on time.

Hon. Jafo said that a parent or guardian who has any concerns about the election of students should come to the offices of the Regional Education Officers and relevant councils so that he can be properly served.

He can also call the customer service unit in the Office of the President PMO-RALG at telephone number 026-2160210 OR send an SMS (WhatsApp) or WhatsApp to 0735160210

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