7 Ways To Lock Phone Screen

7 Ways To Lock Phone Screen
7 Ways To Lock Phone Screen, Phone Lock  Phone Security, Lock Your Phone, Lock Phone Screen

One of the most widely used ways to prevent your smartphone from doing things contrary to the wishes of the owner or preventing someone from using them is to close the phone’s ‘screen’

There are many ways to lock the phone screen.  Read the following information and select the one that suits you:-

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  • SLIDE TO UNLOCK: This is a simple and non-advisable method, this setting is similar to closing the door and then setting a small stone to keep it from being opened.  Never use this method to lock your phone screen 
  • PIN CODE LOCK: These are the six numbers used to lock the screen of your phone.  It is the oldest form of telephone protection where the copyright holder must keep 6 numbers in order and must always remember them so as can unlock his or her phone 
  • PATTERN LOCK: This is not the oldest phone protection method, it is based on Technology Development.  This approach has been widely criticized by Digital Guard experts.  It is described as easy for the hackers to memorize a pattern drawing.
  • FINGER POINT LOCK: This method involves the use of a fingerprint holder.  Whenever he or she wants to use his phone must touch his finger to get the phone unlocked.  This approach is effective although it has several challenges.  An abuser may try on the victim’s fingers while he is asleep or in a state of intoxication
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  • FACE ID LOCK: The frame ID is used to open the phone screen.  This technology was largely first used by the Apple Company.  This is not popular and there is no clear evidence that a complaint can be made against ‘Face ID’
  • EYE LOCK: Every human has a unique eye.  This difference is a material used in telephone protection.  Its use is not great though it is said to have high security
  • PASSWORD LOCK: This is the easiest and most popular way.  It is safer and more advisable even though the owner must abide by all the password repair criteria
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