New 5 Job Vacancies At Tanganyika Instant Coffee PLC -
New 5 Job Vacancies At Tanganyika Instant Coffee PLC

New 5 Job Vacancies At Tanganyika Instant Coffee PLC

5 Job Vacancies At Tanganyika Instant Coffee PLC

Tanganyika Instant Coffee Public Limited Company was established in 1963 and the factory was built in 1966. The first President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere officially inaugurated the factory, on July 18th, 1967.

From 1966 to December 1982 foreign experts under the Management Agency Contract manned the factory. From January 1983 the management of the company has been under Tanzanians.

In 2005, the ownership was diversified with the majority ownership changing hands from the Tanzania Government to Kagera Cooperative Union (KCU) and Karagwe District Co-operative Union(KDCU). The rest of the shares are owned by Tanzania Federation of Co-operatives (TFC), Government treasury and Tanica workers.

The factory produces 500,000 kilograms (500 tons) annually of instant coffee. It produces instant coffee from 100% Green Coffee Beans of Tanzania origin. TANICA factory on several occasions has won the international awards for producing the best coffee.

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Tanganyika Instant Coffee PLC

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible and or reports directly to Procurement & Logistic Manager
  • Responsible for determining the item to be stocked: programming stock, control and storage system related to procedures.
  • To give stock balance of raw materials, packing materials and finished products to Procurement & Logistic Manager.
  • To make reconciliation of balance per stock card with physical count every end of the month and at the end of the year.
  • Work conforming to food Safety Management System and ISO – 22,000.
  • Others duties will be assigned to him/her by seniors
  • Handling of raw materials and any company properties with maximum care to the place directed by the superior.
  •  Perform all procurement duties of the company.
Requirement for appointment
  • Must be Holder of Degree in materials Management or Procurements & Supply Chain Management.

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Tanganyika Instant Coffee PLC

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible and or report directly to the Financial Accountant.
  • To receive and keep in proper custody all bills, invoices and other claims pending payments
  • To maintain and check registers
  • To prepare petty cash payment documents
  • Pre-payment examination of invoices, bills, and other claims of petty accounts
  • Preparation of payment vouchers and checks
  • Perform any other related duties as may be assigned by superior
  • Work conformity with safety management system and ISO 22,000

Requirement for appointment

  • Appointed by General Manager
  • Holder of a degree in Accountancy/Finance related fields
  • Professional Accounting Qualifications such as CPA, ACCA, ACA will be an added advantage.


Tanganyika Instant Coffee PLC

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Carry out and seek activities and clerical assignments in the department and conduct centers.
  • Collect sales data, suggestions, and problems concerning TANICA products.
  • Collecting data and information for required comprehension
  • Work in conformity with Food Safety Management system and ISO – 22,000
  • Make sure that sales day money is banked promptly and at a convenient time.
Requirement for appointment
  •  Appointed by General Manager
  •  Holder of Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Marketing with experience of not less than 2 years in marketing.

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Tanganyika Instant Coffee PLC

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To market the products of the company
  • To look for orders from different customers and conduct sales
  • To carry on the taste activities of TANICA products to people at different areas.
  • Collecting suggestions from customers on improving the product quality, package and price.
  • To visit the customers for providing after sales service in areas like supermarkets and hotels
  • Work in conformity with food safety management system and ISO 22,000

Requirement for appointment

  • Appointed by the General Manager
  • Must be holder of diploma in business administration with option of marketing

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a) All application must be in own hand writing attached with certified copies of academic certificates
b) Comprehensive CV indicating personal contacts must be attached.
c) Name and permanent address of two guarantors with immovable properties.

NB: ALL application to be sent to the address below not later than 20th June 2020
P.O.BOX 410, 
Email: [email protected]

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