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New 4 Government Jobs At Kongwa District

4 Government Jobs At Kongwa District. Kongwa District Council is one of the seven (7) districts of the Dodoma region, established in 1996 under the Local Government Act of 1982 Section No. 8 and No. 9.

The district has an area of ​​4,041 square kilometers and the area suitable for agriculture and pastoral land is 363,690 hectares. . The district is bordered by Chamwino District on the West Side; Gairo District (Morogoro Region), East; Mpwapwa District to the south and north to Kiteto District (Manyara Region).

According to the 2012 Population and Housing Census, the district has a 2.4 percent increase in population; According to 2015, Kongwa district is estimated to have a population of 332,831 of whom 160,225 are males and 172,606 females.

In addition, the number of households currently is 61,994. Households engaged in agricultural and pastoral activities are 55,573 equal to 90%.

The inhabitants of this District are the Elder, the Elder, and the Colored. There are also other ethnic groups that migrated from different parts of Tanzania such as the Bena, the Ngangu, the Kamba and the Maasai who came for agricultural and livestock activities.

4 Government Jobs At Kongwa District

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