3 Tricks To Download Paid Apps For Free Android

3 Tricks To Download Paid Apps For Free Android

3 Tricks To Download Paid Apps For Free Android

Tricks To Download Paid Apps For Free Android.When it comes to downloading various Android apps it is clear that there are so many options these days, there are ways to buy these apps through the Play Store and there is also a way to download the relevant app file and install it directly to your Android phone.

But if not enough there is another way that this is used by various people with little computer skills to access various paid and free apps. completely free of charge. Remember it is best to buy these apps through the Play Store as this way you are providing your support to the respective software developers. 

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Remember this article is for study purposes only so it should not be misused. So having said that, let’s go look at these alternatives. The following below are 3 Tricks To Download Paid Apps For Free Android

1. Via Google

This method is very simple and secure in one way or another, all you have to have is the internet on your device along with the name of the App you buy for free download. After you have all of these things, open Google Chrome and type the name of the app you want and then the name ends the APK in lowercase (for  example Nova Launcher Prime apk )  and finish by clicking search.

After that you will be able to see various sites with the word APK select one of the first five websites then search for the download section then click on it and you will be able to download the APK file then install on your Android phone. After that you will be done and you will be able to get free paying apps.

2. Through ACMarket

If you are an Android phone user then you can get various apps as well as various Games that are completely free of charge through the ACMarket market. For those who don’t know about this app, this app is like a play store but this one comes with apps that have been replaced and removed some of the features that are usually paid for.

Most of the apps available in this market are mostly from abroad so don’t expect to see local app in Tanzania or east Africa in general. You can download the Acmarket App via the link below, remember this app is not available in the Play Store so when you download this app be careful as most apps that do not exist in the Play Store are very insecure.

3. Through Blackmart

Another way you can get free paying apps is by using the BlackMart App, this App just like the ACMarket app and itself gives you the ability to download various free payment apps, this app is also not available in the Play Store so as I mentioned before you have to be careful with these App.

And those are just some of the best ways you can get free Android apps for free, these are for learning so they are not misused. If you want to learn more trick make sure you visit uniforumtz every day.

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