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3 Job Opportunities At KCB Bank Tanzania

KCB Group is registered as a non-operating holding company which started operations as a licensed banking institution with effect from January 1, 2016. The holding company oversees KCB Kenya – incorporated with effect from January 1, 2016 – and all KCB’s regional units in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and South Sudan. It also owns KCB Insurance Agency, KCB Capital, KCB Foundation, National Bank of Kenya and all associate companies.

The holding company was set up to among other things to enhance the Group’s capacity to access unrestricted capital and also enable investment in new ventures outside banking regulations, achieve operational and strategic autonomy for the Group’s operating entities and enhance corporate governance across the Group and oversight in management of subsidiaries.

3 Job Opportunities At KCB Bank Tanzania

KCB Bank Tanzania has announced new jobs vacancies. Read more and to apply click on each job position title below

  1. Procurement Manager – MLA (1 POST)
  2. Unit Head Relationship Management – MLD (1 POST)
  3. Project And Physical Security Manager- MLC (1 POST)
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