New 2022 Toyota Fortuner Commander is ready to lead


New 2022 Toyota Fortuner Commander is ready to lead. Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. reinforces its leadership in the PPV market for 10 consecutive years, introducing a special edition luxury SUV,2022 Toyota Fortuner Commander, characterized by an elegant design. with modern functionality Special with a new suspension tuning to absorb vibration better. Helps to increase the smoothness of the road, enhancing driving performance to perfection complete with safety system Answers in all operating conditions.

New 2022 Toyota Fortuner

New 2022 Toyota Fortuner Commander is ready to lead

Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited introduces the first-generation Toyota Fortuner luxury utility vehicle to the Thai market. Under the “IMV : Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle” project, which has been well received by customers. Create a phenomenon as a leader in the Pick-Up Passenger Vehicle (PPV) segment in Thailand with a total sales of more than 390,000 units (cumulative sales data of Fortuner under the IMV project from 2004 – December 2021).


To thank customers for believing in quality and good trust all along At the same time, further strengthening its market leadership, Toyota is proud to introduce the new Toyota Fortuner Commander luxury SUV.

New 2022 Toyota Fortuner Commander is ready to lead

2022 Toyota Fortuner Commander Exterior

The new exterior design reflects the leadership of a luxury utility vehicle.

  1. 1.Glossy black front bumper and grille decoration kit
  2. side stairs
  3. 3.gloss black side mirrors
  4. 4.Two-tone black roof
  5. 5.Decorative eyebrows for the end cap, gloss black
  6. 6.20 inch alloy wheels

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New exterior design, attention to detail very different

  1. Inside, sporty design, black and red tones give a sporty feel
  2. Seat and red sewing material

2022 Toyota Fortuner Commander performance

new driving performance Suspension system, sports car style responsive. The suspension has been specially tuned both front and rear. Increased control efficiency meet the driving experience more fun Full confidence in all road conditions. New safety function Confidence in every journey

  1. Panoramic View Monitor
  2. RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert) warning system
  3. Blind Spot Monitor

New 2022 Toyota Fortuner Commander is ready to lead

Make a difference that is superior Driven to the next level with a 2.4 GD Super Power engine that delivers a maximum power of 150 horsepower, a maximum torque of 400 Newton-meters, to meet every driving performance.

Own a Toyota Fortuner Commander , limited to only 1,000 units. with 2 colors, two tones from the factory

  • Emotional Red Black Top
  • White Pearl CS Black Top

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