2 Job Opportunities At SWISS TPH

Job Opportunities At SWISS TPH. Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (SWISS TPH) has been mandated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) to implement a project known as “Towards Malaria Elimination in Tanzania” (TEMT). This project runs for a duration of four years, from May 2020 to April 2024. TEMT project aims at providing technical and strategic support to the Government of Tanzania and Zanzibar.

The technical assistance will be specifically focused to the National Malaria Control
Programme (NMCP), the President’s Office Regional Administrative and Local Government (PO-RALG) and the Zanzibar Malaria Elimination Programme (ZAMEP). The three key areas of support will be: vector control, malaria case management, and surveillance.

The project will benefit all Tanzanians (mainland and Zanzibar) suffering from the burden of malaria disease – particularly those in rural areas and those in the highest risk groups (pregnant women and children, individuals living with HIV). A strong focus will be put on gender-sensitive approaches to our work. Hence, the total number of beneficiaries is expected to be around 50 million.

2 Job Opportunities At SWISS TPH

TEMT project is currently in its first phase of implementation and is seeking to hire the following personnel below

Position: Senior Finance and Administration Officer

  • Reports to: Project Team Leader and Project Chief Accountant located in Basel
  • Duty Station: Dar es Salaam
  • Duration: One year (renewable)

Specific responsibilities:

a) Planning and budgeting:

  • Participate in the preparation of annual and quarterly work plans and related budgets, prepare quarterly advance requests for TEMT funding in the applicable format.
  • Provide on a limited scale technical accounting and administration support to the National Malaria Control program (NMCP), whenever necessary.
  • Participate in quarterly work planning and progress reporting meetings with the Project Team leader and the project’s Technical advisors.

b) Accounting/Reporting:

  • Establish a robust project accounting system, including reporting and filling systems, in accordance with the institute’s procedures.
  • Manage bank transactions related to the project, including preparing bank transfer requests, submitting them to the bank, monitoring transfers and preparing monthly bank reconciliation statements and their reporting.
  • Reconcile all balance sheet accounts and maintain records on file.
  • Monitor project burn rates and document quarterly and annual trends
  • Prepare project financial reports for the Project Chief Accountant and the Project Team Leader
  • Consolidate project financials and submit to the Registrar of NGOs every six months
  • Ensure that the administration requirements and regulations for Swiss TPH Tanzania NGO are followed 8according to the Administrative Handbook).
  • Participate in quarterly technical and financial meetings of the Swiss TPH Tanzania NGO.

c) Controlling:

  • Monitor and ensure that expenditures are made in accordance with Swiss TPH administrative procedures and approved by the Chief Accountant and Team Leader;
  • Ensure that all transactions are booked to the correct budget lines
  • Ensure that documentation relating to payments is duly approved by the Project Team Leader
  • Report any actual or potential financial issues to the Project Chief Accountant, the Project Team Leader or Project Director, as appropriate
  • Ensure all mandatory taxes are paid on time as stipulated in the NGO and finance act 2020/2021
  • Monitor expenditure of petty cash and ensure that records on file are up-to-date
  • Continuously improve systems & procedures to enhance internal controls to satisfy internals and external audit requirements.
  • Undertake other relevant matters assigned by the Project Team Leader, Project Director and Project Chief Accountant.

d) Administration:

  • Maintain updated list of project inventory.
  • Ensure timely procurement of office supporting equipments and supplies, in line with procurement guidelines.
  • Maintain a conducive working environment for staff all the time


  • University degree related to finances/accounting.
  • Legal qualification as Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
  • At least five years of experience in financial and accounting work, with solid experience budgeting, planning and reporting
  • Working experience with donor-funded projects is an asset.
  • Good knowledge of administrative and accounting regulations and procedures of the Tanzania Government.
  • Good computer skills in basic office software: word processing (MS Word), and spreadsheet (MS Excel),
  • Solid experience with accounting softwares; specific experience with the Banana software is an asset.
  • Fluency in writing and speaking both English and Swahili languages

Position: Public Health Advisor

  • Reports to: Project Team Leader
  • Duty Station: Dar es Salaam
  • Duration: One year (renewable)

Specific responsibilities:

a) Planning and budgeting:

  • Participate in the preparation of annual and quarterly work plans, prepare quarterly advance requests for TEMT funding in the applicable format
  • Provide technical support to malaria interventions to the National Malaria Control program (NMCP) and district authorities, whenever necessary
  • Participate in quarterly work planning and progress reporting meetings with the Project Team Leader and the other Technical advisors

b) Project Implementation:

  • Ensure development of LSM guidelines, training packages, M&E framework and operational plan so as to ensure standard LSM operation across 15 selected councils.
  • Support NMCP and PO-RALG to map, plan and support the application of quality- controlled bio-larvicides according to national guidelines and standard operating procedures in 15 selected councils in all malaria risks strata.
  • Support LSM System Integration into the DHIS2 so as to ensure that all data pertaining to LSM application is well recorded and performance is monitored over time.
  • Build the capacity of Councils (CHMTs) and the private sector to plan, manage, implement, monitor and evaluate LSM. This will involve a partnership of players from local government, civil society and the private sector.
  • Ensure that this LSM approach becomes a fixed and budgeted part of Councils operational plans and budgets.
  • Establish regular documentation of challenges, corrective actions, lessons learnt with regard to LSM that are shared with all councils in the country
  • Participate in all technical meetings related to vector control, and surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of malaria program.
  • Assist the Technical Adviser working on Monitoring and evaluation tasks according to available time and experience.

c) Project Reporting:

  • Routinely document on project success stories so as to share the knowledge and experience pertaining to LSM and malaria stratification to a wider audience, both scientific and non-scientific.
  • Prepare and share quarterly financial burn rates for each interventional area as per the workplan
  • Assist in the writing of semi – annual and annual reports to the donor and to Tanzanian authorities.

d) Other duties: the candidate can be requested by the TEMT Team Leader to perform other public health-related duties, in line the candidate’s competences.


  • Master’s degree in Public Health or Master in vector biology and control or a related field.
  • At least five years of experience in implementing a public health project with solid experience in budgeting, planning and reporting on international funded projects.
  • Excellent negotiation and collaborating skills
  • Good knowledge of malaria vector control, and at least basic skills in monitoring and evaluation of health programs
  • Good computer skills in the usual office software such as word processing (MS Word), and spreadsheets (MS Excel)
  • Desirable: experience with statistical/analytical software packages
  • Fluency in writing and speaking both English and Swahili languages


To apply: Send a letter of motivation with detailed CV in word Word format or as a pdf document to
[email protected] with subject title: example; Application Senior Finance and Administration Officer.

Application Closing Date: 30th October 2020.

Note: Only shortlisted persons will be contacted

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