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14 Kenyan Truck Driver COVID-19 Postive In Uganda

14 Kenyan Truck Driver COVID-19 Postive In Uganda

The government of Uganda has confirmed that 14 Kenyan whi are drivers of trucks tested positive for Covid-19.

They were among 43 new cases reported in the neighbouring East African country.

Kenya has been adamant that truck drivers must produce a Covid-19 certificate before they are allowed to come in and go out of the country.

The test is valid for 14 days. They are required to take fresh tests after every 14 days at another cost of Ksh2,000 per test, per driver, if they are to be allowed to travel.

14 Kenyan COVID-19 Postive In Uganda who was Tested at the border

Truck drivers have been complaining of long tailbacks at the Kenyan-Ugandan border.

Kenya will station a mobile laboratory at the Namanga border point targeting long-distance drivers as the country steps up its surveillance to contain the spread of Covid-19.

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The new laboratory is expected to expedite the testing of the truck drivers coming into Kenya from Tanzania, with 25 found to have the virus at Namanga on Wednesday.

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